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What's that funny "Subscribe" link for?

What's that funny "Subscribe" link for?

If you found yourself on this page, you most likely clicked the “What is this?” link next to that “Subscribe” link with a funny little symbol next to it. If you hover over that “Subscribe” link, you’ll may notice that it links to a file named “feed.xml”. What is that?

This is an RSS feed. You can use an RSS reader to get automatic updates from my blog without having to come over to eleboog.com all the time. It’s like a Facebook or Twitter feed, but you make it yourself like a boss.

If you wanna try it out, Here’s a cross-platform RSS reader that looks pretty good! There is also the macOS RSS reader that I currently use. Both of these are free and open source because of course they are.

I highly recommend you give this a shot! Who knows… you may like it enough to start doing this with the other websites you visit frequently. :3