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articles, blog posts, websites, etc. etc. that I find “interesting”

Important note: “interesting” != good, correct, factual… Some stuff I put in here is stuff that I want to respond to later because it’s kinda shit, though in those cases I will make sure to let you know through the entry’s note.

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Stytch: Open-sourcing SQX, a way to build flexible database models in Go


A really cool SQL interface for Go that both simplifies a lot of the boilerplate and allows for quickly building complex models through OOP. I don't have any experience in Go, but I'm honestly tempted to start learning Go just to try this library out and see if a port of it to other languages like C++ or Rust is possible.

Mickey Muldoon: Every Software Project is a Startup That Will Probably Fail


A short retrospective on the reality of software projects: the value you get out of most of them is the lessons you learn when they crumble. I feel like this lesson could be told in a way less intrinsic to our dumb economic system, but I don't have enough brain capacity to write that up right now.

Brian Lunduke: The time SUSE, the German Linux company, banned mentioning Jewish holidays


[link is an archive.org mirror] This is probably the worst thing SUSE has ever done that I know of. The second worst thing is their song parodies.

Lionel Dricot: Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed


Social networks will never become universal or ubiquitous in the way companies and VC's want them to. Every social network will appeal to certain people more than others, so the best social network is the one that works best for you and your contacts. If one doesn't exist... make one! (or have someone else make it for you).

Matthew Guay: Notes apps are where ideas go to die. And that’s good.


Notes apps always market themselves as tools to remember important things before they leave your mind. But maybe we should think of it the other way instead: notes afford us the ability to let thoughts leave our mind since we have already saved the information elsewhere.

Dash for macOS


Really cool offline document viewer for macOS... that's also $30 for some reason. DESPITE THERE BEING AN OFFICAL OPEN SOURCE PORT TO WINDOWS AND LINUX. I AM GOING TO COMBUST

Jim Nielsen: Deadlines as Technology


My ADHD means I always procrastinate things until the last minute. Well, if there is no 'last minute' -- i.e. there is no deadline -- shit won't get done. If you try to pace yourself to hit certain self-set deadlines, you may find that work becomes easier.

News.am: World's first portable quantum computers on sale in Japan: Prices start at $8,700


they put an android tablet on a fucking quantum computer, i'm shitting and cumming rn

Bryce Vandegrift: Stop Saying C/C++


For some reason, employers keep bundling C & C++ together as if they're the same thing. They're not. At all. I dongeddit either.

Verhaert: User Inyerface


Want to hate technology and how all of its innovations can be used for great evil? Try to work your way through this.

Chris Arnade: Why the US can't have nice things


A blog post on why US public works suck so much: the government doesn't trust its citizens to utilize public works properly nor make their own organic solutions for public issues. Really good read!

Forte Labs: The Secret Power of 'Read-It-Later' Apps


An article on the benefits of using 'read-it-later' apps. There are so many things wrong with this article, so I'm definitely going to make a blog post responding to it at some point. Despite that, it is part of the inspiration for this feed... so thanks, I guess?

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