Welcome to my personal blog. You can find posts about computer science and other random stuff here. Expect posts once or twice a week, I guess.
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What the moff doin??!?

Stress. Lots of stress. And also a bunch of random projects, including an Open Fortress server. Here’s a bunch of text talking about all of that! Personal stuff So uh, tiny little update: I had a...

The Fediverse! + Nova editor impressions

I’ve been continuously carving out my online presence in ways that is not beholden to any one corporation or organization. I see it as a way to learn real-world software engineering skills as well ...

New project! jekyll-to-gemini

Hey! I’m gonna start working on a plugin for Jekyll called jekyll-to-gemini that automatically generates a Gemini capsule from the Markdown that forms your website. This is so I can have a Gemini m...

I gave up (I'm using Fastmail now)

I wanted to make my own email server so I could be independent from big tech’s monopoly in email. I quickly found out that it was not worth it. It was such a pain in the ass to set up, and I could...

Shipment is the Worst COD Map

Yes. You heard me correctly. Shipment is the worst map in Call of Duty. Let me explain my reasoning. Wait, what is Shipment? Shipment is a very smol map that is literally just a square arena with...

Welcome To A New Era

I did it. eleboog.com is officially back online. I didn’t have the money to operate eleboog for a while, but now I finally do. Thus, the following services are now available: The blog you...

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