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I gave up (I'm using Fastmail now)

I wanted to make my own email server so I could be independent from big tech’s monopoly in email. I quickly found out that it was not worth it.

It was such a pain in the ass to set up, and I couldn’t send emails to my GMail account because my home-rolled email looked too sus to GMail’s filters.

So… I gave up. On a recommendation from someone else, I started my free trial of Fastmail and got it set up. After configuring my domain’s DNS records, it works flawlessly!

Feel free to send me emails through my listed email: [email protected]. Plaintext, personal emails are prefered.

Next on my list is getting PeerTube up and running and possibly getting a Fediverse instance going as well. I also need to use the Fediverse a little more lol. Currently I’m at @[email protected], so feel free to hit me up on there!

so yee, cya later

p.s. i love how the day after i get the email set up, someone emails me out of the blue hehe

p.p.s. if you sent me an email within the past few months, send it again bc i probably didn’t get it ;w;

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