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Welcome To A New Era

I did it. eleboog.com is officially back online.

I didn’t have the money to operate eleboog for a while, but now I finally do. Thus, the following services are now available:

  • The blog you are seeing right now (eleboog.com)

  • My Gitea instance (gitea.eleboog.com) that will host the source code for this blog along with other fun things in the future

I’m currently working on implementing the following:

  • An email server! That way, you can actually email [email protected] and I can email you from that address. I tried using iRedMail to set it up, but it ended up conflicting with my Docker-ran Gitea instance, so i’ll have to roll it myself.

  • A game server. Not sure what exactly I wanna do, but I’ve been thinking about…

    • A GMod server running a heavily customized version of TTT2

    • A CSS server with autobhop and nipper maps

    • An Open Fortress instagib server (that is, of course, ~ W A C K Y ~)

  • An ActivityPub instance. Currently deciding between Akkoma and Calckey.

  • A PeerTube instance. That way, I don’t have to rely on YouTube for sharing my videos.

So yeah. Welcome to eleboog 2.0. See ya soon.

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