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burpdey. burpdey happy

My CalcKey instance has been perpetually upset at me. It sucks because if I undo my migration, I’ll likely lose all of my follows and followers. I think I might need to upgrade my VPS so it isn’t using up all my server’s resources… but I’m not sure if I can afford it right now. If you have some suggestions as to how I can fix this, email me lol

Finally, sorry for fucking up the sharefeed and not realizing until more than a month later. whoops.


I’ve been meaning to create an online forums for a while now to serve as my blog’s comment section and provide an alternative social space for queer nerds like me. I thought I found the perfect solution in Discourse… but it eats up so much ram. Only around 70MB is left of my VPS’s 2GB of ram. Ouch.

Thus, even though you may have noticed that I had Discourse serve as the comments section of my site for about a month, I am disabling it for now to make room for a Calckey instance. Sorry about that!

As an apology, more sharefeed stuffs coming your way! :3

also listen to this album plz: This Town Needs Guns - Animals


Tried to wrangle IndieWeb stuff like h-entries and h-cards. I want to murder IndieWeb now.

In better news, I decided to roll my own social links in the footer instead of the side bar, and I think it works well!

Gonna throw out some more sharefeed posts in a bit. yay.


I found out something funny about the new Etrian Odyssey HD remasters.

The digital release of all three games is priced at $80. There is no physical release of the game except in Asian markets.

However, PlayAsia is selling said physical release (for the Nintendo Switch) at $70. With standard shipping to the US, the total price is $77.90… cheaper than the digital release.

Guess me being a weirdo who likes collecting physical Switch games wasn’t dumb after all.

Also, I have a bunch of shit lined up for the sharefeed. Going to be spreading them out over the weekend. Happy reading!


First of all, happy pride month. Be gay. Do crime.

Second, you may notice my blog is now Evil PewDiePie flavored. Figured it would be a cool way to spice up the visual design. If there are any elements that still look messed up with this change, let me know.

Finally, link emebeds now work. I may pretty up the embed image at some point for articles, but for now, I’m pretty excited!


I follow a Hacker News bot on Telegram. Whenever I see something interesting, I forward the post to my “Saved Messages” to read later… which I never do.

I had an idea to turn this pipeline into something that is actually useful for not just me but for anyone else who is as much of a fucking nerd as I am. Basically, it would be a webpage filled with links to blog posts or articles or other websites that I find interesting (note: interesting != good) that can also be viewed as an Atom feed. I would attach summaries/notes to each link (which would be stuffed under the <summary> tag on the Atom feed) so I can give some more detials of what I think about it and possibly what I might do with it in the future (e. make a response to it on my blog, use the project for my own purposes, etc).

I’m sure there’s already solutions for “read later” feeds like what I wanna do, but I wanna roll my own because I think it would be pretty simple to make a basic rendition of this (especially in Jekyll thanks to Liquid markup allowing you to literally roll your own custom Atom feed if you wanna). Plus… if this kicks off, maybe I can develop it further! Comments, a framework to make something like it for your own site… maybe even ActivityPub support.

Now, for something completely different… Listen to this right the fuck now.


I just updated the theme of this blog from Minima to Chirpy. Find this a lot better than I had before! Gonna make a blog post on it once I finalize some shit.

I also need to fix up this journal to actually work as an HTML journal. Right now, there’s some elements missing, and I need to make a jekyll plugin to parse through this page’s content and put in the proper elements for each entry. Might do that as a warm up to jekyll-to-gemini.

oh also pro tip that i just learned: adding two or more spaces to a line and then inserting a newline lets you insert a line break. donno why it doesn’t just format it the right way in the first place but I didn’t make Markdown.


Gonna try to use this as a space to put stuff that doesn’t feel “big enough” for a blog post. Hopefully this encourages me to actually use this site more lol